Founded in 2011 by a team of wireless broadband industry leaders,
openRAN is a true neutral-host carrier-grade backhaul provider.
Our Smalll-Cell Grid™ networks are designed by carrier network engineers, for carrier network engineers.

Consumers are increasingly acquiring multiple smart devices, all with data-intensive applications, of which demand faster speeds and more and more wireless coverage. Carriers are looking to
powerfull small-cell base stations as the answer to these capacity and coverage challenges—helping to avoid the high cost of additional spectrum and laying down of permanent infrastructure. And are looking to openRAN as the backhaul solution to carry the traffic. Enterprises have increasing bandwidth demands to meet cloud computing applications both for internal corporate needs, and business systems.

openRAN is building reliable networks that are cost-effective, high-bandwidth, low latency, high quality metro access networks that provide ultra-high-speed carrier ethernet backhaul using a pure IP/MPLS backbone.

The first openRAN Gbps network will be commercially
available Q3 2013.

The openRAN Team:

Founded by seasoned executives and veteran wireless engineers, our team has held senior positions at: QUALCOMM, Leap Wireless, NextWave Wireless, Public Wireless, Nextel, Airtouch to name a few, with proven track records:

  • Designed, deployed and operated large scale wireless
    networks around the globe
  • Designed, deployed and operated wireless backhaul and
    metro Ethernet networks
  • Created a small-cell BTS firm with active
    installations worldwide
  • Led the design of wireless network planning tools and systems